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DJI Mavic Mini Product Review & Specs

DJI Mavic Mini Product Review & Specs

DJI Mavid Mini

DJI Mavic Mini Review

as ‘The Everyday Flycam’, DJI Mavic Mini is an ultra-light device that is
portable and easy to carry. The idea behind the DJI Mavic Mini is for users to
take it anywhere with them – on vacation at the beach, on the golf course, in a
crowded marketplace, and more.

at $399, this detailed review will discuss whether this small drone is really
worth the price or whether buyers should just go get themselves a bigger drone
for the same price. We will discuss its many features and benefits, its pros
and cons, and in the end, we will have a final verdict that gives our last say
on this newest drone from renowned drone designer DJI.

About DJI Mavic Mini

the idea of taking it with you on an outdoor adventure or just in your everyday
life, the ultra-light and portable DJI Mavic Mini is so small that it can fit
into a lady’s purse or handbag.  This
truly personal drone allows users to record all of life’s great moments.

makers of DJI Mavic Mini recognize that everyday life is as special as our big
adventures, so they built the DJI Mavic Mini to record these moments. DJI is
known worldwide to offer its customers premium features even in their smallest
drones. The company is also known to offer perfect drones for specific
purposes.  This drone is perfectly suited
for beginners and hobbyists looking for something easy to operate and with a
budget-friendly price.


Here are the product dimensions of the DJI
Mavic Mini: 6.3 x 3.1 x 0.4 inches. In fact, it is so small that you don’t need
to register it with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

This drone has cleverly-designed foldable
arms. It also comes in an easy-to-carry case.

  • 30 minutes of flight time

Despite its small size, the DJI Mavic Mini
should not be taken lightly. It certainly packs a punch with its 30 minutes of
flight time. When tested, this lightweight DJI drone delivers, logging in an
impressive flight time of 26 minutes.

This drone has touch-control features that are
easy to use. The intuitive control buttons make it simple to use. Even a person
who is not so adept in technology will not have a hard time learning how to use

It is amazing how this DJI model has managed
to fit a 3-axis gimbal into such a lightweight design. A 3-axis gimbal ensures smooth
and stable camera footage.

The DJI Mavic Mini has GPS technology and a
downward-facing sensor that allows it to hold the position that it’s in when
there is no satellite connection. This is particularly useful for indoor shots.

This drone has three flying modes: Cinematic,
Sport, and Position. The Cinematic mode automatically adjusts joystick
sensitivity, which makes it easy to get smooth, cinematic-like video footage
without having to make in-app adjustments. All you need to do is to select your
QuickShot and the drone will execute the motion while recording. You can even
share it directly on social media.

The Mavic Mini can fly up to 500 meters above
ground level and has a range of 4 kilometers or 2.5 miles.

You can easily personalize your DJI Mavic Mini
by creating stickers and sticking them directly on the device.

It offers several QuickShots selections: Rocket,
Helix, Dronie, and Circle. These describe how the drone will move around a
selected target.

When we tell you it is ultra-lightweight, we
are not kidding. Weighing only 249 grams, this drone is as almost as heavy as a
billiard ball but about 100 grams lighter than a can of soup. This tiny drone
literally fits into your pocket. As a rule, drones that weigh between 250 grams
(.55 pounds) to 55 pounds should be registered with the FAA. Since this drone
only weighs 249 grams (about .48 pounds), it doesn’t need to be registered. The
same laws apply in other countries as well.

The remote control of the Mavic Mini has an HD
video feed that can be controlled up to a distance of 4 kilometers.  For added portability, the detachable control
sticks are easily stored inside the remote control.

SkyPixel is a social media platform for DJI
drone users to share their aerial photos and videos.  This platform also allows you to discover
ideal locations to take aerial photography shots.

noteworthy features:

  • ½.3” CMOS image sensor
  • 24mm equivalent lens
  • 12MPphoto resolution
  • Fixed F2.8 aperture
  • 2.7K/30p and 1080/30p video
  • Video bitrate of 40 Mb/s
  • Micro-USB plug to charge the drone directly
  • Maximum 4-km transmission
  • Upon purchase, the box also includes Intelligent
    Flight Battery, Micro-USB Connector, Lightning Connector, USB-C Connector, a
    pair of spare propellers, spare control sticks, a screwdriver, and 6 spare

Mavic Mini Accessories:

The DJI Mavic Mini also has a wide range of fantastic
compatible accessories.  You can carry
your drone and other small items in a DJI Mini Bag complete with an Osmo
Pocket. The Two-Way Charging Hub, which is sold separately by DJI, is able to
charge up to three batteries in sequence. 
You can also use this great accessory to store and transport
batteries.  You can even use it as a
power bank to charge your smartphone. 
You can also purchase other great Mavic Mini accessories from
third-party suppliers.  The DIY Creative
Kit allows users to create shell stickers and colorful markers so that they can
personalize their drones. Users can also purchase a Mavic Mini charging base.


Even if the Mavic Mini twitches in the air a
little, it won’t spoil the footage. The video will still hold steady even if
conditions are windy. 

The easy-to-use app of the Mavic Mini is one
of its best features.  It is remarkably
easy to use.  The DJI Fly app is
streamlined and simple. All you need to do is to connect your phone to the
controller, then open the app. After that, you’re pretty much good to go.
Actually, you don’t really need your phone at all to fly this drone.  However, it is much easier to do so with the
provided video stream and on-screen buttons.

When you first see the Mavic Mini, you would
be concerned whether it will hold up in windy conditions.  Surprisingly, it does hold its own, at least
where we tested it in a relatively gutsy coastal area. Even if it moves up and
down with the wind a little bit, the movements were minimal and nothing to be
alarmed about.

With its size and weight, you can literally
bring this drone just about everywhere you go. There’s almost never an
inconvenient time to bring it along, so you will be able to record a lot of things
that were not possible to record before. What makes drones unwieldy are their
protruding arms. Since the Mavic Mini’s arms can be folded, the problem is
solved. The compact model is almost as light as a smartphone.

This drone captures great shots for its
size.  Just like another DJI model, the
Spark (no longer in production), it can capture JPEG photos. It is able to
capture dark highlights and blue skies, which is relatively hard to do
especially for smaller drones. It is also able to capture compelling footage in
2K high-definition. You can even transform these footages into
professional-quality productions with the DJI Fly app.

With the Mavic Mini, beginners won’t feel
daunted with handling a drone for the first time. It even offers the Flight
Tutorial feature, which helps beginners navigate the Mavic Mini safely and
quickly. On the other hand, more experienced flyers will still appreciate how
it is so lightweight, portable, and easy to use.

This drone is equipped with a 3600-propeller
guard. This protects the propellers and promotes flight safety.   Incorporated into the app are Safe Fly
Zones, which is especially useful if you are a novice flyer. This basically
tells you where it is safe and legal to fly.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:
  • One of the best features of the DJI Mavic Mini that other small drones don’t have is its foldable arms.  Other models have the same size, but they don’t have the ability to fold their arms, and that is one of the key ingredients why the Mavic Mini is so portable and convenient to carry around everywhere.
  • It has the “Cinesmooth” mode, which softens out turns and braking.  According to DJI, this feature elongates the braking process which gives you a smoother shot.
  • This Mavic model has massively simplified the app experience. Only the most vital information is presented onscreen, which is a great thing for beginners. For instance, users will only see options for “Single” or “Timed” shot on the main screen. The other options can be found under the main settings menu.
  • The camera on the Mini Mavic is a solid performer. Although it records at a lower bitrate and has a smaller sensor, the videos and photos recorded on it look sharp and has decent colors.
  • Flying the DJI Mavic Mini is truly enjoyable. It is a fun drone to have, and it is equally great whether you fly it indoors or outdoors. It is also aerodynamic and can handle moderate winds well.
  • Cons:
  • One crucial missing feature of the DJI Mavic Mini is obstacle avoidance. It doesn’t have a sensor that detects obstacles. This might deter beginners from purchasing this drone, but this is also quite understandable given that the next model with sensors costs $1,300 more.
  • A drone this small will really have to compromise on some features.  One of the most notable compromises is its camera. Instead of recording on 4K video, this drone’s camera records on 2.7K/30.  That still has high resolution.
  • It doesn’t offer “tripod mode”, which would have been perfect for slow, steady, tracking shots. However, the aforementioned “Cinesmooth mode” in the Pros section more than makes up for the lacking “tripod mode.”
  • There is no way to adjust the shutter speed of this DJI drone.  However, you are able to adjust the Exposure Compensation.

The Final Verdict

So, is the DJI Mavic Mini really worth it?
With the holidays just around the corner, will this be a perfect gift for
someone you love? Dubbed as a ‘tiny drone with big ambitions’, this camera
drone diminutive has a lot of great features found in bigger drones. In fact,
this drone makes other drones look chunky and big. This model proves that size
doesn’t matter.  This is a capable drone
that comes at a very accessible price point.

This new Mavic Mini model is designed for
everyone.  While serious drone
enthusiasts may like the premium models, the casual photographer, the family
man or woman, the small business owner, or the blogger will be drawn to the
Mavic Mini. This take-anywhere drone gets a two-thumbs-up for its convenience
factor, making it ideal for a variety of uses. From capturing cherished family
moments to taking aerial shots of a property that you’re selling, the DJI Mavic
Mini makes it easier for more people to use a drone.

The benefits of the DJI Mavic Mini far
outweigh its disadvantages. If you’re not particularly interested in all the
bells and whistles of the premium models, this is the perfect drone for you. It
offers good value for money, and I’m sure you will get many hours of great
footage from it. If you feel that the time has come to get a personal drone for
you or your loved one, then this drone is the best one to get. This is an ideal
option for anyone interested in aerial photography.

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